Best General contractor Park Ridge

Bob Constructions is a design-build company with over 10 years experience in unique residential design and quality construction work. We are a well known contractor in market with the experience to handle the large projects. Being small means our quality standards are second to none.


Quality Construction

General contractor Park Ridge definition of quality goes beyond what you might expect. To us, it means using the best materials, paying attention to every detail, and holding ourselves to the highest standards. It means doing everything to do minimizing the inconvenience that is part of your modelling project.

Please visit our Project Photo Gallery to see samples of our work, or visit our Awards page to see our award-winning Room Additions.

Benefits of Remodeling

Some people remodel for more space, while others remodel for a higher quality of life, but almost always, people choose to remodel so that they can remain in the home or in the area they love. Remodeling allows you to remain in the same neighborhood where your children are familiar with the schools; they keep their friends and you remain in a well-established neighborhood.

Visit our Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, Room Additions, and Photo Gallery pages to get inspiration for your own home remodeling projects.


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