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Life insurance companies often refuse to pay life insurance claims without justifiable reasons. Such denial can compound your problems and lead to financial problems. Life insurance attorney has experience in resolving many different life insurance claims. We represent  individuals whose life insurance claims were denied and companies failed to provide the coverage specified in their insurance policies. If you have been involved in a life insurance coverage dispute or claim denial or the insurer rescinded the policy or claimed that the coverage lapsed, our experienced  Life Insurance Attorneys can help. We will fight on your behalf so you can receive the benefits to which you are entitled.


What is Insurance Bad Faith?

Because insurance companies make more profit when they deny claims, they often look for any opportunity to delay or deny life insurance coverage. In some cases, insurance agents or brokers misrepresent the facts on an application, either accidentally or intentionally to proceed with the sale. We are experienced at dealing with insurance companies.

Our Life Insurance Lawyers have won numerous verdicts and settlements for victims of insurance bad faith, including cases involving:

  • Failure to pay valid life insurance claims
  • Failure to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death
  • Failure to settle within a reasonable time period
  • Insurance agent or broker negligence

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