Launching a Luxury brand? Need Advice?


It goes without saying that the quality of your product or service has to be superb. Exceptional quality is the foundation of any luxury brand.


Most luxury brands have established traditions and long history, which are often associated with quality, trust and reliability.

If your company is only a few years old, you might not have that advantage. However, you can leverage your personal brand, your own story. Why did you start a business? What are your passion, desire, vision? What hardship did you have to overcome? What are your most significant achievements? Infuse it all into your brand. Start small and build from there.



High-end brands are not mass-produced. They are extravagant, exclusive and coveted. In fact, if they are to become easily available, they would lose their value.

A small business is exclusive by definition: the number of clients you can take on is limited. You can use this to your advantage. Perhaps, you may only accept ideal clients, work with limited number of people per months (to make sure that the quality of your service stays high), have a small but well-defined niche, etc. You might also interview potential clients before they hire you to see if you both are a good fit.


Luxury brands have very strong visual identity. You can recognize their logo/signature font everywhere. Just think about Louis Vuitton Monogram or Chanel symbol.

Always use your logo in all marketing materials.

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