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If you need a reliable cleaning service for your floor, you have just found it! We offer carpet cleaning and tile cleaning services to homeowners and commercial clients in Byers, KS. Our operatives are fully insured and use only environment-friendly cleaning methods.


Advances In Vacuum Cleaning

Who likes to clean? It’s needless to say that I’m not the only one who doesn’t. As our hours are constantly filled up with work, watching the kids, running errands,and cooking it stands to reason that we would try to find ways to make the most annoying chore, cleaning, easier. Like many, my solution is the all-mighty vacuum cleaner. I can use it for so many things and some of the advances have made vacuum cleaners more efficient, effective, and adaptable than ever before. We all know how inconvenient and annoying it is to bend down in every room to plug and unplug the cable as you run out of length. Even more aggravating is when you try to use the cable from another room but it just doesn’t quite reach the far side. You can also buy a decent prized roomba 805 after you check roomba 805 reviews.


Carpet Cleaning: Single Bedroom $25,00; Double Bedroom $30,00; Hallway$15,00;

Rug Cleaning: Small Rug $20,00; Large Rug $30,00;

Upholstery Cleaning: 3 Seater Sofa $30,00; 2 Seater Sofa $25,00;


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